Bleed the Sky Bleeding Skies Again

  • Axl Rosenberg

Younger readers may not remember Bleed the Sky. Heck… older readers may not remember Bleed the Sky. The Ohio NWOAHM band only made two albums, Paradigm in Entropy (2005) and Murder the Dance (2008) before they broke up. They may be most notable for giving the world Austin D’Amond, a total beast who went on to play drums for DevilDriver and Chimaira.

I honestly don’t remember much about Murder the Dance, but Paradigm in Entropy, while far from an underrated masterpiece or whatever, did have some catchy tunes on it, like the single, “Minion.” As a bonus, the lyrics are kind of hilarious (I think of “I sit inside with this shit inside” any time I get constipated, but “life of piss” is a good turn of phrase, too).

This being the case, I assume at least some of you will be interested to read this press release:

“Orange County’s Bleed the Sky announced that they are back in the studio recording their third album. As of yet, the album is untitled. Vocalist Noah Robinson states, ‘We never broke up, we just had a bad case of the stomach flu which lasted 10 years.’ Original guitarist Wayne Miller, guitarist Kevin Garcia (formerly of Solus Deus) and original stickman Austin D’Amond will be on the album as well. Bleed The Sky also welcomes back David Culbert, who was on ‘Murder The Dance’ album back into the lineup. The record is being co-produced by Ben Schigel at Spider Studios, Olmsted Falls, Ohio and Kevin Garcia. Ben Schigel produced Bleed the Sky’s debut album ‘Paradigm in Entropy,’ which was released on Nuclear Blast Records in 2005. Bleed the Sky’s new album is slated for release in 2019.”

So… I guess we’ll see how that goes. I think it’s probably still a little early for the metalcore revival, but maybe I’m wrong. While we wait to find out, here are photos from the band’s current studio sessions:

Bleed the Sky Bleeding Skies Again Bleed the Sky Bleeding Skies Again

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