Enlarge He vows to be ready for the band's tour with Iron Maiden next week.

Video: Jesse Leach Speaks Post-Vocal Surgery!


Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach has been grinding to get his vocal cords in top-top shape following the emergency surgery that forced the cancelation of seven shows. He’s put up several posts on Instagram recently explaining as much and extolling the wisdom of Melissa Cross, the famed vocal coach who has tutored dozens of famous metal vocalists over the years and is helping Leach through his recovery. So presumably he’s been talking to people privately (albeit likely in a limited capacity) and says he’s gradually been easing back into singing.

Still, this has gotta be incredibly reassuring to Killswitch Engage fans: Leach just posted a video in which he speaks on-camera! That’s a huge amount of progress since last week, when all he was allowed to do was hum quietly through a straw submerged in water.

In the update, Leach reveals his recovery is progressing according to plan. He does two vocal exercises a day, a speech warm-up in the morning and some singing in the afternoon, most recently consisting of four songs from Killswitch’s current live set (today he’ll jump up to six). Most importantly of all, Leach vows to be ready for the band’s European tour with Iron Maiden (which starts in one week) and says he’ll be resuming recording new KsE music once that wraps up.

Watch below! Great to hear Jesse’s voice again, even if it’s just a spoken Instagram video update; surgery is scary, man.

A message to all of the amazing people out there concerned about my voice. Thank you all for all of the countless messages & comments. This whole thing has been a blessing in disguise. I’ve learned a great deal about voice placement and breathing properly as well as how to speak properly (yes speaking properly is a big part of vocal heath). I’ve also adjusted certain lifestyle habits and over all it’s been a cleansing and refreshing few weeks. It’s all a work in progress and it will take discipline and practice, but it’s necessary. Stoked to get back to work soon! Hope this finds everyone in good spirits ????????#jesseleachvocalrebuild #killswitchengage #jesseleach #TimesOfGrace #TheWeapon #OneDayAtATime #Gratitude #KseFansRule #PutInWork

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