Premiere: Veld, “Hatred Forever Dispersed”


Premiere: Veld, “Hatred Forever Dispersed”Death metal, man! It hits you over the head like a stack of bricks, a sledgehammer to the face, a punch to the gut… insert another overused metaphor here. Cliched metal writing tropes aside, this much is certain: we know good death metal when we feel it.

And when we heard “Hatred Forever Dispersed,” the latest track from Belorussian death metal unit Veld, we knew it right away. The merciless blasting, the sharp riffing, the gut-wrenching howls… DEATH. FUCKING. METAL. We’ll disperse with the usual “for fans of” rhetoric this time through, because really all that’s needed is for you to press play on the embed below then use the magical powers of your ears and brain working together to enjoy the sonic treats within. You’ll feel it, you’ll know it, you’ll love it.

Veld’s new album S.I.N. comes out on June 15th in Europe and July 6th in the U.S. via Listenable Records; pre-order here.

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