Nine Inch Nails Debut New Song “Ahead of Ourselves” Live

  • Axl Rosenberg

The new Nine Inch Nails EP, Bad Witch, will be out this Friday (June 22), and I’m oddly unexcited. I think because the first single, “God Break Down the Door,” didn’t do much for me. It seems not unlikely that this release will be more Not the Actual Events and less Add Violence.

And while a fan-filmed bootleg is never really the best way to judge, what I can make out of this other new song, “Ahead of Ourselves,” doesn’t do much to bolster my lack of enthusiasm. The chorus sounds heavy, sure, but holy crap, is the song redundant. Which was an issue with “God Break Down the Door,” too. Structure doesn’t seem to have been a big concern of Trent Reznor’s this time out. Bummer.

Here’s the video, captured on Saturday, June 16 at The Joint in Vegas:


At the same show, the band brought out Gary Numan to join them for their cover of his song “Metal” (which they’ve done many times in the past), and debuted a cover of Joy Division’s “Digital.” Which is actually their second Joy Division cover, after the one they did of “Dead Souls” for the Crow soundtrack back in ’94. Here’s video of the “Digital” cover:

[via Ghost Cult]

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