Tommy Lee Whines About Money Spent Keeping His Son Alive


Big dumb dummy Tommy Lee has once again taken to social media to slam his son, Brandon.

In a continuation of his charming Father’s Day message, in which he accused both Brandon and his younger brother, Dylan, of being spoiled brats, Lee has now tweeted the following:

There’s a lot about this tweet which is weird, not the least of which is the suggestion that Lee doesn’t have decent healthcare (which is obviously true for a lot of people, but you’d think none of those people had multiple platinum records). If his point is that Brandon is ungrateful for his privilege, he should have mentioned the cost of the birthday party and left it at that. But the rehab thing is just kind of gross. Would Lee rather have that money back than a healthy son? And sorry to keep mentioning that this guy is a mega-rich rockstar, but isn’t $130 grand a drop in the bucket for Lee? A 2012 report suggested he’s worth $70 million. Even if that’s exaggerated to some degree, it’s a safe assumption that Lee’s coffers are full.

I dunno, maybe he made some really bad investment decisions. But if that’s true he should probably be talking with his accountants and lawyers right now, not trying to change the public perception that he’s a bad father by loudly demonstrating how he’s a bad father. I mean there’s just no rhyme or reason to this putz at all. If he wants to know why believe Brandon when they say Tommy is an alcoholic, this is why.

[via Metal Injection]

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