Black Veil Brides Bassist Blames Break-Up “Miss Information” on the Media Because That’s How You Get Out of a Jam Now

  • Axl Rosenberg

Have you recently fucked up? Don’t sweat it too bad — just blame the media. It’s what you do now days to cover up your mistake. And if the media responds with facts, well, just say the facts are not facts. People will believe you because they want to. Easy peasy.

Case in point: earlier this week, Ashley Purdy, bassist for Black Veil Brides, said the band was breaking up after this summer’s Warped Tour. Then yesterday the group’s frontman, Andy Black, said the band was not breaking up. Then, in a tweet which has since been deleted because someone must have pointed out how truly fucking stupid it is, Purdy blamed the press for — what else? — taking his statement out of context. Wrote Purdy:

“Just for the record and clarification: And this is expressed in great humor..

“I never once said, ‘the band is breaking up,’ as news outlets used as their headline to click bait you basically into reading way more into a story than it actually was.

“The miss information came from a podcast that i was doing with a fellow musician and another industry colleague where we we’re just having a discussion about music and laughing and having a good time.

“It was basically a friendly discussion and less of an interview but when someone did ask what’s on the horizon for Black Veil Brides the honest answer is still the same.

“We have eight shows left on the Final Warped Tour ever, so again, yes, that’s the last time you’ll see us play there, and again, come see us now as this will be the last time. See the context.

“We have one festival show out in October and that’s it, so yeah thats all thats on the calendar and that’s kind of how all of that got taken out of context.

“Very few listened to the entire podcast in its entirety before that headline quote of the band breaking up got blown outta proportion, of course for something newsworthy it played into the dramatic.

“But honestly, it was a lighthearted and fun discussion that one news outlet just writes Ashley says ‘the band is breaking up’ and then so on and so forth everyone just takes that and runs with it again, out of context from the entire discussion and not the literal words i’ve ever said.

“Anyhow, Day 1 of Warped and we’re all excitedly looking forward to performing for you all. ‘See us now cuz you won’t see us there again.’ Lol”

Okay. Let’s review the key part of that statement:

“miss information”

Sorry sorry sorry, the key part of that statement, not the funniest part of that statement:

“I never once said, ‘the band is breaking up,’ as news outlets used as their headline to click bait you basically into reading way more into a story than it actually was.”

Now let’s review the quote which led to these “click bait headlines” (emphasis mine):

“We start Thursday at Warped Tour in Pomona, [California] and we are going to do eight dates through the southern California area. And that is where you are going to see Black Veil Brides for the last time ever in your entire lives. So, you better fucking go, because that’s gonna be it. You better see us before you don’t see us.

Gee, I can’t imagine how anyone got confused. Fucking bloggers, bruh. We’re the worst.

In unrelated news, today is my last day at MetalSucks. Don’t take that out of context and assume that I’m leaving MetalSucks, though. Clearly I meant this is my last Friday in June at MetalSucks until next Friday. I can’t believe you didn’t get that.

[via Metal Insider]

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