Aborted Detail New Album TerrorVision

  • Axl Rosenberg

Several months after announcing that their new album would be called TerrorVision, Aborted have now revealed a whole lotta more details. So let’s just dive right in, shall we?

TerrorVision will be out September 21. The title track will serve as the lead single and will be out a week from today, July 6, when many American metalheads will be on vacation because I don’t know why.

Here’s the tracklist, which features at least two references to Dante’s Inferno, one reference to the first Candyman sequel, and one reference to Dario Argento:

  1. Lasciate Ogne Speranza
  2. TerrorVision
  3. Farewell to the Flesh
  4. Vespertine Decay
  5. Squalor Opera
  6. Visceral Despondency
  7. Deep Red
  8. Exquisite Covinous Drama
  9. Altro Inferno
  10. A Whore D’oeuvre Macabre
  11. The Final Absolution

And finally, here’s the cover art, which was created by Par Olofsson (Exodus, Immolation, Immortal). WARNING: it is extremely sexy. Like, you will become aroused looking at this. Don’t try to fight it.

Aborted Detail New Album TerrorVision

See? I warned you!

Join us next week when the single is released. Vince and I will settle the dispute of who has to work that day the way we settle all disputes: we’ll make two MetalSucks Mansion Monkeys fight to the death and bet on the winner.

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