System of a Down Members Sharing “Great Song Ideas”

  • Axl Rosenberg

At this point, it seems increasingly clear that System of a Down will release a new album right around the same time Necrophagist does. That sucks, but look on the bright side: they will still both be back before the Messiah.

Also, various members of System of a Down may be collaborating on new music, even if it’s not for something that falls under the System of a Down brand, as evidenced by this ‘Gram from SOAD drummer John Dolmayan:

Readers who can count at least as high as six will note that Mr. Odadjian is playing not a bass guitar — the instrument for which he’s known — but, rather, a regular guitar. The PRP surmises that this means Shavo “is likely helping out on Dolmayan’s more recent focus: his long-gestating These Grey Men covers project.” They also note that Serj Tankian contributed to that project. So we may get an album with a bunch of SOAD members on it, it just won’t be an SOAD album.

The only reason I might doubt The PRP’s assumption is because Dolmayan’s text all but explicitly says that what Odadjian is working on in that photo is an original song, not something for a project specifically devoted to covers. But what do I know? I’m a bear! I suck the heads off fish.

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