Soreption Premiere New Song + Video, “Children of the Automaton”


This year’s Summer Slaughter kicks off in two days! To celebrate/remind you/try to convince you to show up early so you don’t miss ’em, Soreption have released a new song and video, “Children of the Automaton.” I’m not sure if the title is a deliberate X-Men reference or not. I am sure that listening to the song feels like being trapped inside a NASCAR wheel mid-race: it’s constantly shifting gears, speeding up and slowing down, but you’re being brutally spun over and over again regardless. You’ll puke, you’ll break bones, you’ll probably do permanent damage to your vital organs, and you’ll emerge looking like you just lost a UFC fight.

Then you’ll beg for more.

Check out “Children of the Automaton” below. The band’s new album, Monument of the End, will drop on August 3rd via new label Sumerian Records; pre-order it here. Summer Slaughter dates are here.

Thanks to my new boss, Ranpal C.

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