Randy Blythe Praises Viral Lamb of God Sign Language Interpreter


A few weeks back this video of a very animated sign language interpreter at one of Lamb of God’s shows went viral, and with good reason: it’s fucking awesome!

Word of the video’s popularity got back to frontman Randy Blythe, who offered the following about the interpreter, Lindsay Rothschild-Cross, to ABC News:

“I am always extremely pleased when I see sign language interpreters at our shows, and the show in Austin was no exception. A Lamb of God concert is a highly visceral experience for both the performers and our fans — we all feel the music together in an emotional and physical way, creating a symbiotic exchange of energy that can and does have profound effects. Deaf fans are no different, and I have long been aware that hearing impaired folks can feel the vibrations of amplified sound waves from a loud P.A. system.

“That day, there were several interpreters taking turns — they were all working hard and doing a great job, but Lindsay’s interpretation of our performance stood out to me enough that I hopped down off the stage and sang beside her for a bit. Lindsay and the other interpreters became a part of that massive exchange of energy that occurs at our shows, just as important as any of us performing on stage. I hope to see her at a show in the future!”

Rothschild-Cross gave a brief explanation of her very visible passion as well:

“I grew up with Guns N’ Roses, and Alice In Chains and Iron Maiden and things like that. I’ve never actually interpreted for death metal though. This is the first time.”

You can watch the ABC News report and the original video below.

[via The PRP]

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