Someone Turned Footage of Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Being Demolished Into a Doom Metal Video


For the third time since he was elected, Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been vandalized. The latest culprit hero has been arrested but not publicly identified, and is said to have done more damage to the star than either of his predecessors. Which, on the one hand, is a fairly insignificant way to protest Trump — any celebrity willing to pay an “application fee” of thirty grand can get a star. On the other hand, it’s exactly the kind of thing which must drive Trump crazy, because his ego is about as sturdy as a drunk black metal band’s live show.

In any case, there’s definitely a certain cathartic thrill to the viral video of this guy wrecking the star. And someone has gone ahead and made that thrill even more cathartic by setting it to the song “A Year in Suffering,” by the Virginia doom metal band Cough. This may be the most satisfying thing I’ve watched since that Hatebreed/Richard Spencer video.

Cathartically-thrill away:

[via Metal Injection]

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