Monuments are No Longer “A.W.O.L.” Stream Their New Track!


I have a tremendous amount of respect for all the dudes in Monuments. John Browne is a helluva guitarist, a talented songwriter and very nice fella. Anup Sastry is an absolute BEAST of a drummer. I’ve been a fan of vocalist Chris Barretto since his days in Periphery (and never fully got over him leaving, to be honest!), and I love hearing his voice anywhere it appears. I don’t know much about guitarist Olly Steele or bassist Adam Swan, but I’ll assume they’re swell fellas and excellent players, too.

Why, then, can I never really dig that hard on Monuments’ music? It’s fine, it just… has never gotten me all that excited. It could well be a case of DFS (Djent Fatigue Syndrome), which has reached epidemic proportions a full decade after the movement started to pick up steam, because the band’s new song “A.W.O.L.” is, again, just fine… but yeah, I dunno, it doesn’t really inspire me to wanna listen to more from the band’s upcoming album, ya know? It kinda just is.

I know plenty of you will disagree with me, so have a listen to “A.W.O.L.” below and then tell me why I’m an idiot SJW/cuck/libtard who knows nothing about metal in the comments. The band’s new album Phronesis comes out on October 5th via Century Media.

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