Listen to the Ripping New High on Fire Track “Electric Messiah!”


Listen to the Ripping New High on Fire Track “Electric Messiah!”High on Fire’s next record Electric Messiah — which perennially shirtless frontman/guitarist Matt Pike previously described as “difficult” — is almost here! A press release just delivered to the doorstep of the MS Mansion by carrier pigeon tells us it’ll come out on October 5th via eOne, and the title track is available to stream RIGHT MEOW via NPR.

The track’s an absolute banger with a furious, absolutely nasty, vintage High on Fire riff serving as its backbone. The pace doesn’t let up throughout with Pike’s patented howl matching the energy of the breakneck drum beat and a Kerry King-gone-stoner guitar solo as the icing on the cake. There’s even a four count on the drumsticks to start the track off, a PERFECT touch for this band that we hardly ever hear done anymore! What I’m saying is this: I fucking love it.

Pike explains that the song and album are a tribute to the late Lemmy Kilmister:

“I had a dream about Lemmy. When Lemmy was still alive I always got compared to Lemmy so I had this dream where he got pissed at me. He gave me a bunch of shit, basically, and was hazing me. Not that he didn’t approve of me, but like I was being hazed. The song is me telling the world that I could never fill Lemmy’s shoes because Lemmy’s Lemmy. I wanted to pay homage to him in a great way. And it turned out to be such a good title that the guys said we should call the album Electric Messiah.”

Kurt Ballou produced the album, because of course he did. You can pre-order Electric Messiah here. Stream the title track over at NPR!

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