Video: Do Screaming Vocals in Metal Take Talent?


Welp guys, Friday was a rough day at the MS Mansion, with the resident Monkeys going absolutely — pardon the pun — apeshit. Today’s not off to much of a better start; while the monkeys had all weekend to compose themselves and take a breather — save this story about the elderly men in Germany escaping their nursing home to attend Wacken, which gave poor Abe, who handles the mail here, extreme envy — the minute that new High on Fire track came on this morning this place turned into a fucking zoo (again, pardon the pun). Higgins, who is supposed to the one keeping all his monkey brethren in order, immediately started a circle pit in the center of the news floor, which, if you’ve seen this place, you know is just full of pieces of scrap metal from decades-old machinery. So yeah, that didn’t go well at all, but on the plus side Albert and Daisy — who had a poo-flinging ragefest with one another last week — are now united in moshpit camaraderie, so at least there’s that.

ANYWAY, we’ve all got those friends who say modern metal is nothing but noise and anyone can do “those cookie monster vocals.” If you don’t feel like simply getting new friends, perhaps you can show them this video put together by YouTuber Jared Dines, in which he asks a bunch of metal fans (attending a show of his band Rest, Repose, from the looks of it) to try their hand at both low growls and high shrieks. We all know how this story goes — very few people can actually do it, and those who can are metal vocalists who’ve trained for years — but the results are still great for a laugh. Check it out below.

[via Ghost Cult Mag]

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