Ace Frehley Urges You To Leave The Ladies At Home On “Rockin’ With The Boys”


Something I found fascinating when I interviewed Ed Luce, artist and illustrator of gay metal comic Wuvable Oaf, was how as a young metalhead emerging from the closet, he would put up posters of dudes like Phil Anselmo as eye candy. This made me think two things: first, man, I wonder how many metal bands never consider that their tough guy posing and posturing is a turn-on to gay headbangers; and second, man, we need more gay metal anthems! Why aren’t metal bands writing about having a fun, sexy time, with just them and the dudes?

Well, notable heavy metal grandpa Ace Frehley has filled that void with his new single, “Rockin‘ With The Boys.” Sure, the song is mostly about the exhaustion of touring, how much Frehley has rocked in the past, and how busy he continues to rock. But we can all ready between the lines here: Ace Frehley has written a song for gay metal dudes to bro down to in 2018. He wants the ladies to just relax at home while he and the boys go out rockin’, maybe down at Eastern Bloc. It’s not a huge surprise, given that Frehley once got a blowjob while Dimebag watched.

Kudos to Ace for finally writing the gay anthem the metal world needs! Check out “Rockin’ With The Boys” below. Frehley’s new album Spaceman drops October 19th via eOne; pre-order it here.

Thanks, Bill Meis!

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