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Einherjer Announce New Album, Release New Video


Einherjer Announce New Album, Release New Video

One of the more underground Viking metal bands that I’ve always loved is Einherjer. Their sound isn’t as approachable as that of, say, Amon Amarth or Enslaved. But they take Viking lore to strange, creepy places, and have influenced countless classic metal musicians (Moonsorrow’s Henri Sorvali, for one).

So, good news, everyone: Einherjer have a new album coming out! The album, titled Norrøne Spor, is set to drop this November. Not only that, the band has released a video for the brand-new song “Spre Vingene”, which showcases the eerie beauty of the woodlands of Norway (like you do). You can check it out below.

Regarding the album, singer Frode Glesnes released the following statement.

“Classic EINHERJER meets the future and the past. No, we have not returned to our roots. That’s a way overused cliché and it always calls for bullshit. We have simply written and arranged more stuff together.

“On our last few albums we have written songs separately; this time we’ve looked at what happens when Gerhard and me are in a room together.

“We still have a firm grip on what EINHERJER is all about. That will never change.

“Here is 10 new songs that any heathen metalhead should be able to love and appreciate. No bullshit, just 10 great metal songs.”

I love how hostile Glesnes sounds. So many bands want to relive the sound or album that people most remember, but Glesnes has no desire to do that shit. He straight-up lets fans know that this isn’t some re-emergence of the band they all knew and loved, it’s a step forward, and if you don’t like it, you can eat his Norwegian ass with all its spices.

Check out the video for “Spre Vingene”. Norrøne Spor comes out November 9th via Indie Recordings.

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