Glenn Danzig Just Signed Himself a Movie Deal


Remember Glenn Danzig’s erotic horror comic line, Verotik? That’s okay, not many people do. That’s because the entire catalog was just a bunch of unnecessary fake tit shots and depictions of women with eyes for nipples, all of which made Lady Death read like Dickens. I think I bought one to jack off to back in the day, then found the writing so bad and the pages so choked with ads that I couldn’t even do that.

And yet somehow, Danzig has turned that whole mess into money. Blabbermouth reports that Glenn has signed a feature film deal with Cleopatra Entertainment, an imprint of record label Cleopatra Records. Danzig has signed on to write, direct, and compose music for an anthology movie surrounding three of the characters from his Verotik line.

Says Cleopatra owner and CEO Brian Perera:

Glenn has a fantastic track records of building brands, including Verotik. We’re excited to bring his vision and passion to the screen.”


Look, maybe Danzig’s going to blow my mind by turning these one-note teenage boy fantasies into something terrifying and original, but I doubt it. Danzig’s approach to erotica was always sort of clumsy and typical; the sensual females he portrayed usually just looked like typical Hollywood bikini models. I think this whole thing will be about as original and exciting as Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.

But I guess we’ll wait and see! Principal photography is set to begin this fall. Here’s hoping Danzig blows my mind with a new approach to sex and horror, rather than just doing something like this again.

Glenn Danzig Just Signed Himself a Movie Deal
I think I speak for everyone when I say: Yeesh.
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