Soundproof Glass Company Puts Babies to Sleep at a Metal Festival


I just got back from a camping trip in Colorado, and let me tell you, camping with a small child (Maximus is three now!) is no joke. All things considered the little dude did REALLY well and I’m super proud of him, but the thought of doing so at a metal festival? Yeesh. No.

Window company Fenplast had no such concerns, however, as they made use of the ungodly decibel levels at Heavy Montreal a couple of weekends ago to demonstrate the quality of their soundproof windows (as explained here)… by building a literal nursery for infants in extremely close proximity of the main stage! I’m certainly questioning who the babies included in this little promo video are, and whether subjecting them to such an environment raises any ethical concerns… but jeez, it sure does look like they’re getting a good night’s sleep! Better than in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains, I’ll tell you that.

Watch the short below; you can find more info on it here. Fenplast, if you’re reading this, please come to the MetalSucks Mansion and install some of your windows in the Vince Division anytime! Maximus would be most appreciative, as would I when that 5am truck buzzes by his bedroom window.

Thanks: MetalSucks reader Mike W. 

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