Heavy Montréal Festival to Skip 2020


It’s a sad day to be a metalhead in Canada: the annual Heavy Montréal festival held in Montreal, QC, will be not be returning in 2020.

In an official statement, Jacques Aubé, Chief Operating Officer at Evenko, the event’s promoter, said:

“It’s not an easy decision to put one of our events on pause. Several factors must be taken into consideration, including the number of non-festival metal/rock concerts that will be announced over the next few months.”

Nick Farkas, Senior Vice-President of Concerts and Events at Evenko commented:

“We thank the fans for standing behind us. We’re working hard to make sure we continue to offer the best metal/rock shows in the world! “Heavy Montréal” fans should not be worried!”

The future seems uncertain at this point, but there is definitely hope that Heavy Montréal will be returning in 2021: the festival previously took a year off in 2017, and they made good on their promise to come back the following year. Montreal metalheads will have to make do with the other rock and metal concerts put on by Evenko in the meantime — you can find news and information about the events here — as well other shows around the metropolis.

[via The PRP]

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