Gaze Sentimentally “Through A Window” While You Listen to Ancestors’ New Song


Need to ease yourself into the Monday drag with some ethereal, doomy jams? Start with the new single from Ancestors, whose speciality is creating heavy, emotionally charged soundscapes shaped by flowing melodies and modern instrumentation.

“Through A Window” is a slow build that’s best appreciated if you’re in a sappy mood, though the shadows of gloom throughout the track will tap into your emotional side regardless. Subtle vocals mesh with the intense-yet-dreamy atmosphere in a way that’s more contemplative than distraught — think Pallbearer meets Pink Floyd. Listen below.

Ancestors’ upcoming album, Suspended in Reflections, is an exploration of psych-rock that preserves the roots of the sound while still venturing into new territory. One of the band’s undertakings includes the exploration of an Aeolian-Skinner church organ, an instrument with about 1,941 pipes. Meaning: there’s no way that this album can be bad, because who incorporates such a crazy instrument unless they know what the fuck they’re doing?

Suspended in Reflections is out this Friday, August 24th, so pre-order away and prepare to have your mind blown.

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