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Arsis’s New Track “Tricking the Gods” Super-Slaps


The first thing you might notice about the new Arsis video/track “Tricking the Gods” is that the video is a throwback to ’70s-style horror flicks, both brutally gory and with a nod to the occult. In the era of ’80s-nostalgic everything (heyo synthwave), it’s refreshing to see Arsis taking it back to the OGs.

The second thing you might notice is that the band’s lineup of Brandon Ellis on guitar (also of The Black Dahlia Murder), Noah Martin on bass and Shawn Priest on drums — first active all the back in 2012 — is intact. Sweet relief! It’s a great fucking lineup, and I’m happy to see Jim Malone surround himself with some stability after the merry-go-round of members in the late ’00s.

You may also notice that Malone now has a shaved head! I’m not sure how recent of a thing that is, but as of this photo in 2017 he still had hair (albeit short). Looks sharp tho.

Finally, you will DEFINITELY notice that the track fucking slaps. It’s fast and techy but has lead guitar hooks for the ages, always Arsis’s trademark. I can’t put a finger on exactly what it is about Arsis’s sound that makes it Arsis’s sound, but you know it right away the moment you hear it.

Arsis’s new album Visitant comes out November 2nd via Agonia Records (Europe / Rest Of The World) and Nuclear Blast Records (North / Central / South America); pre-order here.

Thanks: Ranpal C.

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