The Power of the Riff Festival Returns This November


Man, it’s been a long-ass time since we reported on the Power of the Riff fest! The multi-day and formerly bi-coastal event has had a storied history, and didn’t happen last year…but now it looks like it’s making a triumphant return!

The newest Power of the Riff fest will take place November 17th and 18th at the Echo and Echoplex in LA (are those the same venue, or parts of the same venue? I’m from New York, fuck you). The main night will be on the 18th, when Sunn 0))) is set to celebrate both their own 20th anniversary and that of their label, Southern Lord Recordings.

But the 17th will be pretty rad, because it’s a kick-off party featuring sets by The Primals, a trio featuring members of Darkest Hour, and The Sonics, a notorious 60’s garage rock act. So whether you’re ready to shake your tailfeather or spend an entire night wondering if someone’s holding a mic up to an old fridge, this fest will give you something to love!

Of course, these won’t be the only bands available, so keep your eyes peeled for more bands on the event’s Facebook page. Meanwhile, if you’re just here for the Sonics, you can buy tickets to the kick-off party here.

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