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False Alarm, All That Remains Will Continue to Rot Our Ears Off with Phil Labonte’s Auto-Tuned Vocals


First the bad news: “Fuck Love” was an aberration. Yeah, it was really fucking heavy — and completely free of Phil “Auto-Tune” Labonte’s clean-sung excuse for vocals — but it appears as if All That Remains’ next album will not be sparing our ears any further.

Now the good news: the band has been gracious enough to let us know right away so we can return to our previously scheduled activity of lampooning Mr. Labonte. It was fun saying nice things about him while it lasted!

The news came in the form of some quick audio snippets the band posted to Twitter. They’re numbered one through seven (perhaps corresponding to album track numbers?) and while “Fuck Love” is first, press play on the second one and there it is right away: groooooosssss! I honestly don’t understand how this band’s fans give these embarrassingly computer-altered vocals a pass.

You can check out that snippet below, and if you really have it in for yourself this morning you can hear the others over at The PRP.

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