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Track Premiere: Alkymist Get Punishingly Doomy on “Djinn”


Track Premiere: Alkymist Get Punishingly Doomy on “Djinn”

So enraptured were we with Alkymist’s debut single “Ghost” and the frosty, nasty blend of modern doom the Danish outfit levied upon our ears, that the band asked us to premiere their next single. Our gain is their gain is also your gain — you’re in for a real treat today.

“Djinn” touches all the hallmarks of unrelenting, modern doom, harking back to the menacing vocal punishment of Crowbar and Celtic Frost while employing modern production tactics for a crisp, powerful mix that rattles the bones inside your body with maximum saturation. What’s more, “Djinn” takes you on a journey, nearly ten minutes long, that brings you to the pit of whatever dimension this band came from then all the way back, but way worse for the wear. Here’s what the band’s label, Indisciplinarian, offered on the track:

“‘Djinn’ was the second song to be completed in the world of Alkymist. Along with the track ‘Myling,’ it helped to define the band’s musical cosmos and ensured the path that they were going to tread. The lyrics in ‘Djinn’ revolve around arrogance and greed….”

Alkymist comes out October 5th following the Element EP earlier this year. The vinyl edition of the album, limited to 500 copies, can now be pre-ordered in the US at Earsplit Distro here and internationally via Indisciplinarian here.

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