Nergal from Behemoth: “There’s Adolf Hitler in Each One of You”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Behemoth’s Adam “Nergal” Darski recently appeared on Metal Hammer’s podcast, during which time the discussion at one point turned to the subject of so-called ‘hipsters.’ I’m going to print Nergal’s entire quote below. See if you can spot the moment the conversation takes a hard right turn.

“Culturally, hipsters make the world evolve. Am I hipster myself? I don’t know because I try to run away from any definitions. People love to put stickers on your forehead, and my on forehead there’s a lot of space so I always get more than one. It’s cool.

“If it makes your life easier, it’s cool with me, but trust me, if I’m a hipster then fine, I’m a hipster and a billion other things at the same time.

“I throw the card out and I do it because that’s what the complexity of human nature is all about. We’re very complex beings and you people, you bashers and accusers, you better learn that.

“The sooner you learn about that the happier and less frustrated you’re going to be, the less violent and aggressive you’re going to be towards other people because it’s all about yourself.

“There’s hipster in each one of you. This is going to be very controversial for some people, but I bet there’s Adolf Hitler in each one of you as well, maybe a little per cent. We are everything.”

So? Didja see it?

The point Nergal is trying to make about the multitudes contained within humanity is a valid one. But not only does Nergal’s leap from hipsters to Hitler come out of left field, it’s needlessly silly and dramatic. I have to think Nergal knows that just invoking Hitler’s name will get people’s antennae up, especially in our current political environment, when humanizing a genocidal bigot is the last thing anyone needs.

I guess what I’m saying is, Nergal couldn’t be any more of a troll if his was three feet tall and had a hot pink version of Don King’s hairstyle. I don’t think he means to endorse Nazis here. I do think he means to pander to edgelords. Lame.

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