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Tom Morello Says Unreleased Audioslave Recordings Will Come Out Eventually

  • Axl Rosenberg

Good news for fans of the late Chris Cornell: guitarist Tom Morello says there are unreleased Audioslave recordings out there, and that they will, eventually, see the light of day.

Speaking to Kerrang!, Morello says, “There’s not a lot [of unreleased Audioslave], but it’s pretty great and it will come out at some point.  I don’t know when.” He then goes on to discuss the track “Sleight of Hand,” which the band performed live but never released in an official capacity, as an example of material that could come out at some point:

“It was going to be the first single for [Audioslave’s third album] ‘Revelations,’ but [bassist] Tim Commerford really hated it because he thought it sounded like a Danzig song, which is weird.

“He yelled, ‘Fuck you!’ a lot to the head of the label. We said, ‘Let’s not put it on the record because we’re about to get dropped.’

“That one will see the light of day. There’s some other jams too but there’s no plans for that.”

For whatever it’s worth, ‘Sleight of Hand’ does not actually sound like a Danzig song, and that’s a weird position to take. Just sayin’.

[via Classic Rock]

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