Fred Durst’s Home Destroyed by California Wildfires, Tool’s Adam Jones Evacuated


Having spent all of my life in the eastern part of the U.S., it’s really difficult for me to conjure what it’s like to be threatened by wildfires. I can only imagine the absolute horror, terror, panic and other unthinkable emotions of being so close to a force of nature so devastating, destructive and overwhelming.

Thousands have been forced to evacuate the fires that are currently raging in both Southern and Northern California at the moment, among them Tool guitarist Adam Jones, who lives near Malibu. Jones posted on Instagram that he, his wife and their two children were evacuated and are safe, although they’re unsure of the status of their home. The following message accompanied a photo with text on it that reads “Malibu is on fire but we are safe:”

“Thank you for all the concern love and support. *This is crazy & heartbreaking. God bless all those affected by these horrific wildfires. I hope our home survives. If not – it’s just “stuff” and I have my best friend Korin & our 2boys ???????????????? safe & sound.”

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has reportedly lost his home to the fires. Loudwire grabbed a screen shot of Durst’s Instagram story which at least approaches the situation with a sense of humor, referencing the classic Steve Martin comedy The Jerk… although nowhere does it specifically say Durst’s house burned down:

Fred Durst’s Home Destroyed by California Wildfires, Tool’s Adam Jones Evacuated

Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland said he lost some musical equipment to the fire, but it’s not clear if he’s referencing Durst’s house, his own or someone else’s in a re-post of news footage showing a house engulfed with flames:

“My pedalboard, 2 guitars, 2 amps, a 2×12 cabinet, several other pedals and misc equipment were inside this house.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea also posted on Instagram about the fires, recounting how he evacuated but a neighbor stepped in to save his house:

“Jimi Hendrix saw these Southern California daze when he sang look at the sky turn hellfire red someone’s house is burning down down down down. The Los Angeles air is thick with smoke, ash, and ember and the danger has not passed. My house might have burned down down last night were it not for my friend Eric (in the second pic) who defied the evacuation orders and stayed up all through the night armed with his wits and a garden hose, and put out all the little fires at my house and my neighbors, saving our asses. He is a brave and beautiful, a selfless and kind man. So I was able to go be silly with my kids today and go get our nails painted funny colors, without bearing the heavy weariness of having lost all my stuff. We are not out of the woods yet, but with people like eric around we are gonna be ok. Times like these we have to do everything we can to help each other, listen to each other, step up for our neighbors. Empathy is everything, our greatest trait.”

Sending all the best to everyone near the California wildfires from everyone at MetalSucks.


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