Holy Sh*t, These 1992 Photo of Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall Members!


Brian Fair is killing it on Instagram lately. The Shadows Fall frontman has been on a rampage in recent months, posting vintage show flyers (like this one! holy shit that lineup) and photos from all throughout his career, including some very, very old ones. There are of course the requisite family photos and some entertaining vids of Fair performing “old man” skate tricks (way to keep it going, dude!), all of which I find entertaining, and plugs for his newer musical outfits Hell Night and Downpour. Give him a follow if you’d be so kind.

His latest memory dump comes from a recently-unearthed photo album of his days in Overcast, in this case dating back to 1992. Overcast, in case you’re not familiar (shame on you!) featured the future Shadows Fall frontman alongside would-be Killswitch Engage bassist Mike D’Antonio before either of those pioneering metalcore acts existed. Many credit Overcast as being the godfathers of metalcore — that is, the combination of metal and hardcore, not the bastardized version of “metalcore” that newer bands peddle today — an assertion with which it’d be very difficult to disagree.

Anyhoo, back to the old photos: these are fucking great! Brian Fair WITHOUT DREADS is definitely the best thing about them, but look at Mike D’Antonio, he’s a little baby! And those giant, baggy clothes! The second embed below is a gallery so make sure you scroll through them all. Enjoy.


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