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Synthwave Sunday: Adult Swim’s Fever Dreams Compilation


Synthwave Sunday: Adult Swim’s Fever Dreams CompilationAdult Swim has done a fine job of contributing to the music community with its Singles series of online releases in recent years, and unlike so many corporate music ventures (Adult Swim’s parent company is the TV titan Turner Broadcasting) its curators have always given metal a fair shake (High on Fire, Pig Destroyer and Inter Arma, among others, are featured on the current iteration, for example). This time around synthwave gets the Adult Swim treatment with an entire compilation of its own, Fever Dreams, which is out now.

Press copy describes Fever Dreams as “a walking tour of the most prominent synth-forward artists of the past several years,” and that’s right on the money with familiar names like Lazerhawk, Dance with the Dead, GosT, Carpenter Brut, Gunship and Com Truise punctuation the fifteen-song tracklist along some newcomers like Drumcell, Jasper Byrne and Lovelock. But the familiarity ends there: all the tracks here are previously unreleased, setting up Fever Dreams as both the perfect primer for someone new to the genre and a deep-dive for seasoned fans of its retro-fueled analog goodness alike. Dana Swanson, a senior writer/producer and voice actor for Adult Swim, curated the compilation and has done an absolutely bang-up job; props are in order for everyone involved, including right up to the top of Adult Swim for greenlighting the project. 

Fever Dreams, like all of Adult Swim’s musical endeavors, is available to steam for free now and forever. Check it out at Adult Swim or embedded below. Here’s the tracklist:

1. Lazerhawk – “Executeables” (feat. Joey Division)
2. Dance With The Dead – “TENSION”
3. Com Truise – “Simulation Cluster”
4. Alice Glass – “I Trusted You”
5. Drumcell – “Vapor Sleep” (Hypoxia Mix)
6. GosT – “The Call Of The Faithful”
7. Jasper Byrne – “Night”
8. Carpenter Brut – “Hush, Sally, Hush!” (Run, Sally, Run! Remix)
9. Lovelock – “The World is Upside Down”
10. Power Glove – “Haunted”
11. NINA – “The Calm Before The Storm”
12. Maria Davidson – “Chasing the Light”
13. S U R V I V E – “Full Raggo”
14. Majeure – “Stratos”
15. GUNSHIP – “The Video Game Champion”

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