Holiday Shopping as Described by Sabaton Lyrics


On fathers dragging their families to the mall:

“Fast as the wind, the invasion has begun
Shaking the ground with the force of a thousand guns
First in the line of fire, first into hostile land
Tanks leading the way, leading the way.”

– “Ghost Division”

On families spending an afternoon at the mall:

“From the underground rose a hope of freedom as a whisper
City in despair, but they never lost their faith
Women, men, and children fight.”

– “Uprising”

On looking for parking at the mall:

“I feel my fire starts to burn
The heat controlling my mind
Berserk, a savage running wild
Within me the beast starts to roar.”

– “Into the Fire”

On finally leaving the mall:

“Once we were soldiers, once we were young
We have found our peace, we’ve seen the end.”

– “Purple Heart”

On the rise of online shopping giants like Amazon:

“It’s the nature of time that the old ways must give in
It’s the nature of time that the new ways comes in sin
When the new meets the old it always ends the ancient ways
And as history told the old ways go out in a blaze.”

– “Shiroyama”

On being nagged by your significant other while trying to shop for her/him:

“And as the night falls the general calls
And the battle carries on and on
How long?
What is the purpose of it all?”

– “The Price of a Mile”

On last-minute shopping for your significant other:

It’s a desperate race against the mine
And a race against time.”

– “Winged Hussars”

On working in retail during the holiday season:

“Has man gone insane?
A few will remain
Who’ll find a way
To live one more day.”

– “A Lifetime of War”

On dealing with difficult return/exchange/refund policies:

“We! We will resist and bite!
Bite hard, ‘cause we are all in sight
We! We take up arms and fight!
Fight hard, resist and do what’s right!”

– “Resist and Bite”

On waiting in line to purchase the most sought-after toy of the season:

“Rise, nation’s pride
Hold what’s yours
Strike’em where it hurts
Fight, hold your ground
Winter war
Reinforce the line.”

– “Talvisota”

On failing to purchase the most sought-after toy of the season before it sold out:

“How many dreams did fade away
Broken promises
They won’t be coming home.”

– “Cliffs of Gallipoli”

On the struggle to find a present for the most difficult member of the family:

“Who could ever have believed
Seems like nothing’s been achieved
Just to walk a day, go all the way, the fronts are closing in
As the end is drawing near.”

– “Hearts of Iron”

On what happens to spoiled children who always get everything they want:

“All I see give to me, that is my decree
My will be done.”

– “Carolus Rex”

On successfully purchasing and keeping presents hidden until they are fully wrapped:

Wings of glory
Tell their story
Stealth perfected.”

– “Night Witches”

On cleaning up after the presents have all been opened:

“I stand alone
And gaze upon the battlefield
Is all that’s left after the fight.”

– “The Art of War”

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