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The Most Metal High School Physics Teacher EVER


When I think back to my high school physics classes, I recall Mr. Price, a sweet older gentleman who had the lecture personality and talking style of a pigeon, and Mr. Esper, a brilliant astrophysicist (I think he told us he used to work for NASA?) whose thick Indian accent made him very difficult to understand. Needless to say, I do not remember any of the contents of those classes.

Perhaps if I’d had a physics teacher as cool as that of MetalSucks reader Christian O., a high school student in Chicago, I’d have retained a small iota (that’s a physics term, right??) of knowledge in spite of all the pot clouding up my brain at the time. Christian’s teacher is a metalhead / hardcore dude at heart and, well, take a look at one of the questions on Christian’s final exam:

The Most Metal High School Physics Teacher EVER

Christian’s teacher gets bonus points for accuracy: 68k is roughly 150 lbs., which seems perfectly plausible for the lithe body of Jacob Bannon! On top of that, the answers are in Newtons… as in Converge bassist Nate Newton.

No word on how Christian performed on the exam, but we do know this: the assignment was graded on a basis of pass or you fail me.

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