Enlarge Photo Credit: Miikka Skaffari

Devin Townsend Releases Part Three of Empath Documentary Series


Devin Townsend has released the third part of the documentary series that dives into the creation process of his upcoming album, Empath. In this episode, Devin talks about the meaning of the album title and how it connects to the current state of humanity and, as usual, Devin has a whole lot of very interesting (and well-articulated) thoughts on the subject. There’s also some video footage of him working in the studio, which we haven’t yet seen in this series. Check it out below, and have a look at episodes one and two if you haven’t already.

Empath will come out in March, although we have yet to hear a note of music from it (unless you count the cat screeches and other miscellaneous noises heard in this latest video).

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