Paul Stanley’s 98-Year-Old Father Attended a Kiss Show in L.A.


Papa Neilstein is a mere 71 years old and is reticent to leave the five-block radius surrounding his home unless it involves some kind of exciting food adventure. Meanwhile, Kiss’s Paul Stanley, who is himself 67 years old and performs in stadia and arenas for hours on end, had no problem getting his 98-year-old father out to see his son’s band in Los Angeles this past weekend. Incredible genetics in that family!

High fives are in order for William Eisen, Paul’s father, who came to see Kiss perform at The Forum in Los Angeles this past Saturday, February 16th, at the band’s allegedly final “End of the Road” tour. Paul posted a photo of himself and his dad on Twitter this morning boasting that the soon-to-be 99-year-old is the oldest ever attendee at a Kiss concert (unsubstantiated, but likely true).

Check out the photo below. Paul’s gotta be standing on some kind of platform to gain a height advantage over his dad, right? Some rivalries never die.

[via Kerrang!]

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