Death Metallers Basilysk Release New Single “Sad State of the Art,” No Posers Allowed


Philadelphia death metal band Basilysk’s recently released single “Sad State of the Art” gave me absolutely zero seconds to get my shit together before it relentlessly hit me in the face with chaotic and atonal mosh pit-worthy misery.

The band’s overall sound, although predominantly death metal, gives a nod to elements of thrash and black metal, leaving me wondering wether I should whip out my corpse paint, Converse Chucks or battle jacket. The song’s exhilarating riffs, chaotic rhythms, and powerful, emphatic vocals pick up right where metal left off in the ’90s and deliver a dynamic and revived sound, bringing back all that death metal is meant to be. Of course, this is a feat that could only be accomplished by our very own, anti-poser TV personality, The Necrosexual, who can also be seen slapping the bass for Basilysk under the normie psuedonym Jimmy Viola.

The band commented:

“‘Sad State Of The Art’ is our bite at the music business from our perspective as hungry outsiders. Basilysk is here. Our teeth are sharp. We’ve only just begun to carve our name into the flesh of posers and wimps, with the release of this album.”

Basilysk’s debut album Emergence comes out tomorrow, February 21st, and can be ordered here. Drop everything and run around in a fit of chaos by streaming their newest single below.

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