Prepare Your Crotch: The Necrosexual Has His Own Comic Book


Those of you who have been following MetalSucks for several years now (damn kids and their trap metal!) know we’re big fans of the Necrosexual, the black metal-loving journalist/musician/stripper whose use of corpsepaint and steak make us blush and gag more than any Cannibal Corpse album cover ever could. And now, it appears that the dude is out to space-dock with Spider-Man, because he’s released his own comic, full of all of the blood, meat-thongs, and boxed wine that any of us could have asked for.

The comic is titled The Insatiable Necrosexual, and is out now via its titular hero’s Bandcamp. Drawn by artist Ben Fidler, the jam-packed issue follows the Necrosexual as he plays a show, drinks shitty booze from the heavens, and continues onto a bacchanalia of erotic carnage the likes of which no one has ever seen, and maybe never will, really, because it’s a comic. Reading it will remind one of such illustrated classics as Fritz the Cat, Metalocalypse, and that hentai I drew when I was 13 where Wednesday Addams steps on my nuts in platform heels and calls me a “wiener-chuggin’ pobrecito.”

Here’s the official description of this eye-impregnating masterpiece:

The GRIM-1 bleeds onto the page with an original story across 30 full color pages, illustrated by artist Ben Fidler, and written by me! This story is filled with Necrosexual lore, a healthy amount of self- deprecating humor, and all the headaches and heartbreaks that come with being a black metal musician. Inspired by trve events (mostly.)

Says the hero himself:

“Finally, a proper story you can read with both hands. This is a real page turner, crammed with my signature heavy metal humor. Both those initiated to my horny and haunted world will dig the jokes. And to those who are new to the Necrosexual, you will be afraid, aroused, and definitely entertained all at once. I absolutely put the GRAPHIC in ‘graphic novel.’ XXXCelsior!”

Check out some select pages of the comic below. The initial printing of this work of genius has apparently already sold out, but we’re sure Marvel is going to pick it up in no time — did you see the second Venom movie? They’ll make anything! — so get ready to see some overly-gritty origin story movie about the Necrosexual in the near future.

Prepare Your Crotch: The Necrosexual Has His Own Comic Book

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