Sammy Hagar on Van Halen’s Reunion with Michael Anthony: “There Is Nothing Confirmed”

  • Axl Rosenberg

So Detroit’s WRIF recently asked Sammy Hagar about all those Van Halen/Michael Anthony reunion rumors that have been going around, and while Sammy’s response may seem, on the surface, like bad news, I’d argue it comes with a silver lining.

First, here’s what Mr. Hagar had to say about the rumors:

“There is no confirmation about a VH tour. I ain’t here to tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ if it’s gonna happen or not gonna happen. But Mikey is my dearest friend in the world. He’s my favorite bass player and singer on the planet to be in a band with. And we will continue to be in a band our whole life. But if there was an opportunity for him to go play in Van Halen again, just to mend that up, just to keep that sour note from being in his head for the rest of his life, he has my blessings. I will take the time off while he goes and does it. We’ve already talked about it. But there is nothing confirmed. I can tell you straight-up right now — there has been nothing confirmed.”

So, like I said, on the surface, this seems like bad news. It’s basically March which means it’s basically spring which means if there’s gonna be a big summer stadium tour (or even just a handful of shows) like everyone wants, they gotta get a move on.

But that silver lining I mentioned? I’d see it as this: Hagar’s quote is the closest thing we’ve gotten to any kind of confirmation that VH and Anthony camps have actually been in touch. If the rumors were no more than that, Sammy coulda just said “No” and left it alone. But he went out of his way not to say “no,” and to further explain his position on the rumor. I don’t think he’d do all that unless there was a possibility, however slight, that this reunion is gonna be a really real thing.

My guess? We will see Michael Anthony and the brothers Van Halen patch things up at some point. Whether that’s this summer, next summer, or sometime further down the road, I dunno.


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