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Baroness are Teasing a New Album


UPDATE, 4:49pm EST: As predicted, today Baroness posted the Yellow & Green album cover (just highlighting the yellow part) with Pantone colors 115 c and 576 c as captions.

Original Post:

It’s been over three years since Baroness released Purple in December of 2015. The band’s been quiet for a bit, but they’re currently gearing up for a spring tour with Deafheaven and Zeal & Ardor.

These two things alone would be enough to conjecture that Baroness might be readying a new album, but then there’s this: the band is clearly teasing something on Instagram, and all signs point to that something being a new album.

Over the past two days they’ve posted the covers of Red Album and Blue Record along with the cryptic captions “200 c” accompanying Red and “313 c” accompanying Blue. Those captions appear to be the color designations corresponding to each album with Pantone, a system widely used by painters to match colors. Here they are on Pantone’s website: 200 c and 313 c… as you can see, red and blue.

I’d wager that today we’ll see the covers of Yellow & Green and tomorrow we’ll see Purple, each with matching Pantone color captions, and then on Friday we’ll get either the new album cover or just the Pantone color. For those keeping track, Orange, Brown, Black, Beige, Pink and various hues in between are all still available for Baroness’s album titling use. Perhaps you can even put some money down on betting sites if you like.

So, like, keep an eye on that and stuff. Follow Baroness on IG for this week’s education on the Pantone system and, hopefully, some new jamz.

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