Enlarge Dave Mustaine tried out a wah pedal for the first ever last night.

Dave Mustaine’s Subtle Dig at Kirk Hammett’s Overuse of the Wah Pedal is Hilarious


Much has been made over the decades of Dave Mustaine’s bitterness towards Metallica for having been let go early in the band’s career, but, to his credit, he seems to have had a bit more of a sense of humor about the issue lately, and I admit I chuckled at his latest quip.

Mustaine revealed via Instagram yesterday that he was about to try out a wah pedal for the first time ever as part of the Experience Hendrix tour he’s currently taking part in. Without referencing Hammett explicitly, Sir Red Mane said, “I’ve been really apprehensive of using one for [chuckles] obvious reasons and people overusing them.” And, I mean, Hammett certainly hasn’t been the only guitar player in history to overuse the wah — visit your local Guitar Center for proof — but I’d be surprised if that wasn’t at least part of the reason Mustaine has avoided it entirely thus far (which is hard to believe! they’re so common). And you know what? I don’t blame him! For once. It really wasn’t Mustaine’s fault this time.

Here’s the full quote, with the video posted underneath:

“Tonight’s gonna be the first time I’m ever gonna use a wah-wah pedal live. I’ve been really apprehensive of using one for [chuckles] obvious reasons and people overusing them. So I’ve found that this ‘Experience Hendrix’ tour has gotten me out of my comfort zone, and it’s been really good for me as a player. So I’m gonna give it a try. I don’t know how it’s gonna turn out, so if you’re here, you’ll find out. If you’re not, check back later and see. But I’m really excited about it. And if you’re a guitar player, I just wanna encourage you to get outside your comfort zone too. And come and check out the ‘Experience Hendrix’ tour.”

Get dates for the Experience Hendrix run (featuring a number of other notable musicians covering Hendrix tunes) and watch Mustaine perform a couple numbers from earlier in the tour here.

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