Hip Hop Group Ho99o9 Sample Slipknot in “Mega City Nine” Track


Hip hop duo Ho99o9 (pronounced “Horror”) released their Cyber Cop EP in November of last year, but it wasn’t until today’s article on Kerrang! that I became aware of the track “Mega City Nine,” which features a sample from Slipknot’s “Tattered & Torn.” It’s that squeaky electronic loop from the Slipknot song — you’ll recognize it right away in Ho99o9’s track — which I have to imagine was originally inspired by ’90s hip hop. Which means you’ve now got old school hip hop inspiring late ’90s / early ’00s metal inspiring modern hip hop… and there’s something incredibly poetic and wonderful about that circle of life.

Check it out below, along with the original. This was my introduction to Ho99o9, and I’ll definitely be checking out more — I need way more non-metal in my life, ya know?

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