Listen to the First New Possessed Song in 33 Years

Listen to the First New Possessed Song in 33 Years
Art by Zbigniew Bielak

Possessed, the band that literally made the first death metal record ever (1985’s Seven Churches, duh) and in fact first coined the term itself, have announced that they’ll release a new album, Revelations of Oblivion, in May. This is an especially big deal because their last album, Beyond the Gates, came out in 1986. The only other significant metal band I can think of who have ever come back after such a long absence are Black Sabbath, and that’s only if you pretend that Black Sabbath did nothing without Ozzy Osbourne in-between Never Say Die! (1978) and 13 (2013).

Of course, Possessed 2019 in an entirely different beast than Possessed 1985, with frontman Jeff Becerra as the sole remaining member of the band. Still, “No More Room in Hell,” the first single from Revelations, is a fuckin’ ripper. Unless Thy Art is Murder is your idea of a great death metal band, you’re probably gonna dig this.

Check out “No More Room in Hell” below. Revelations of Oblivion is out May 10.

Thanks: Ranpal C.

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