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Buzz Osborne Says These Are the Best Melvins Albums

  • Axl Rosenberg

Since 1986, the Melvins have released twenty-seven full-length albums and fifteen EPs. Think about that for a second. That is a staggering output, the kind of output that I think must be either truly intimidating or incredibly welcoming to new listeners — intimidating because there’s this question of “Where do you begin?”, and welcoming because the answer is basically “Anywhere you want.” The band doesn’t have a famously terrible era — no Cold Lakes or St. Angers here! — so you throw a dart and you’re probably gonna hit something pretty good.

This being the case, it is especially interesting to hear which of these releases guitarist/vocalist/band mascot Buzz Osborne thinks are the group’s best. Old folk like me will find Osborne’s picks, as provided to Louder, jarringly devoid of ’90s albums, but I get it. Fans always think the old shit is best, because it’s what made them fans in the first place; artists always prefer the new stuff, because they feel it’s most representative of who they are now. It’s just one of life’s peccadillos.

You can check out Buzz’s entire list below. Head to Louder to read his explanations for his choices.

Eggnog (1991)


Pigs of the Roman Empire (2004)


Hold It In (2014)


Nude with Boots (2009)


Freak Puke (2012)


Stoner Witch (1994)


Bullhead (1991)


Basses Loaded (2016)


Colossus of Destiny (2001)


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