The Sword Guitarist Kyle Shutt Releases Single “Big City” Off Solo Album


The Sword guitarist Kyle Shutt has ventured out on his own to bring us a self-titled solo album and released its debut single, “Big City.” When I first hit play, I must admit it was not quite what I had expected from a guitarist whose previous work was a more straightforward breed of psychedelic hard rock, but it got me grooving nonetheless. As a solo project, I’m amped to see Kyle hitting us with what lies inside his brain outside of The Sword.

The riffs maintain some stoner rock elements and give a nod to some of the heaviness in his previous work. However, the vocals almost sound like ’80s hair metal and all the dirty sexiness that comes with the territory. Should I go poof up my hair and grab some fishnets, spliff in hand? I couldn’t decide if I wanted to headbang or dance, and I think the answer is definitely both. Shutt has created a single that is metal at heart but delivers an experience for everyone to enjoy. Stay tuned for what this man has to offer us with the rest of his solo debut.

Shutt’s self-titled album is set for release on March 6, and can be pre-ordered here. Shutt also released the Pink Floyd tribute Doom Side of the Moon side project in 2017.

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