These Beasts Provide the Perfect Soundtrack to Anger on Upcoming EP


Angry stoner rock should be an official movement, and noise-rock trio These Beasts should be at the forefront of it. The band jumbles together grunge, doom and stoner metal to create the soundtrack to fuel your anger even while under the influence. The next time someone steals your munchies or your lighter, reach for this EP.

Two of the tracks from the six song EP, “End of the Whip” and “Shirilla in a Tub,” are currently available for streaming on Bandcamp, and both are an unforgiving head-slugging fest. There’s a mingling of wailing clean vocals with harsh and deep screams that threw me up against a wall, mostly because they were unexpected but nonetheless welcomed. The riffs are groovy and corrosive, punching in at the right times to compliment the abrasive vocals. There are moments in which These Beasts let their tunes brew and simmer in a dark bubbling cauldron, then the next they’re exploding into a fit of biting aggressiveness. If someone sat me down and told me to recommend a song to listen to first, I’d go with “End of the Whip.” But both will get you off your couch, and that’s a damn fact.

When singer/guitarist Chris Roo was asked if there was any basic intention to what These Beasts are doing, he replied, “Yeah, for me the underlying theme of the whole band is this world is fucked and I just really need to get shit out and have my friends by my side helping me.” That’s a true testament to what this album really delivers, and also: touché, my brother. Touché.

These Beasts’ self-titled album is set for release on March 29, and the digital copies can be pre-ordered here. In the mean time, start head-slugging away like a caveman to their available tracks below.

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