Lord Dying Debut New Single From Forthcoming Album Mysterium Tremendum


Oregon quartet Lord Dying have been making waves in the metal community since the release of their 2013 album, Summon the Faithless, by placing their own stamp on sludge and doom, but their new single, “Freed From the Pressures of Time” — from their forthcoming album, Mysterium Tremendum — throws away everything you think you know about the band. There will always those that’ll say, “I liked the old stuff better,” or “The older stuff was heavier!” To which I say: “That’s a load of poppycock.” It’s refreshing to see a band unafraid to step into new territory and experiment with genres that expand their horizons.

The new album is an exploration of death that traverses through our culture’s fear of dying and the struggles we have with our own mortality. That concept is readily apparent on “Freed From the Pressures of Time;” its use of swelling melancholia during the two-minute introduction sounds like the prelude to demise, complete with hints of violin that seamlessly metamorphise into a new brand of Lord Dying sludge. Guitarist/vocalist Erik Olson’s vocal range has expanded this time around, offering clear and refined death growls that complement the progressive and euphonious riffs.

Speaking with Decibel Magazine, Olson said:

“This track is pretty experimental and progressive for us; we’re very psyched with how it turned out. The song itself is a derivative of a dream that The Dreamer/protagonist of the album is having, longing for death; A paradox of an immortal entity.” Will someone please play this on loop at my funeral?

Lord Dying’s new album will drop worldwide on April 26th via Entertainment One and can be pre-ordered here.

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