Corey Taylor Guests On New Falling in Reverse Track “Drugs”


The last time I listened to Falling in Reverse was this post from 2013. Time heals all jaded metal bloggers — or so the saying goes — so perhaps I’ll find something to like about the band this time around, I thought to myself before pressing play on their new track, “Drugs,” solely because it features Corey Taylor.

But nope! Man, this entire thing — the song, the video, and especially the lyrics — is just one cringe after another. Corey Taylor’s guest appearance, a powerfully scream-rapped verse over a heavy breakdown, is easily the best thing about it. But after that we’re treated to the corniest video break ever, in which Ronnie Radke reams out his dying mother for neglecting him as a child before proclaiming actually it’s a good thing she was never there for him “because it made me the person I am today, and without that I don’t know where I’d be!” You can’t make this stuff up.

Say, did you hear Corey Taylor got engaged this weekend??

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