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Devin Townsend Plans to Utilize Different Backing Bands on Future Tours


Devin Townsend is currently on tour in Europe as a solo acoustic act, and he plans to bring that show to North America this spring with Avatar, Dance With The Dead and ’68. Those fearing the demise of Heavy Devy ought not worry, though, as he’s not ditching plugged in performances for good — just taking a break.

But the manner in which he’ll return to fully amplified sets is certainly intriguing. As revealed in a tweet yesterday, he plans to spend the next two years performing with different backing bands for different tours, culminating with a full Empath tour in 2021. It makes sense, really: the arrangements for all the DTP material are vastly different than those on Empath which are vastly different than much of his solo work (not to mention far-out, left field stuff like Casualties of Cool), and each would be best realized in a live setting by utilizing different players. Shit, even the material on Empath is all over the place — three drummers played on the recording — so that’ll be challenging in its own right.

Anyway, here’s the message from Dev:

“Ive been auditioning people Ive had my eye on for upcoming tours. Basically my plan is to do different tours with different bands over the next few years…each specializing in different styles in different territories, then ending with a handful of ‘Empath in full’ shows in 2021”

As a fan, that’s a lot to look forward to! I’d certainly relish the opportunity to catch all the upcoming iterations of the Devin Townsend live experience.

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