Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes Calls Thy Art Is Murder “Hacks”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Update, 2:44pm EDT: Barnes has since issued some additional tweets on the matter, all embedded at the bottom of this post.

Original Post:

I hate the music of Thy Art Is Murder as much as the next living creature with ears and a brain, but I’m still not sure what the hell crawled up Chris Barnes’ ass here.

Responding to Thy Art Is Murder’s new single, “Human Target,” the current Six Feet Under and former Cannibal Corpse frontman released a tweet calling the Australian deathcore band “hacks.”

Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes Calls Thy Art Is Murder “Hacks”

Barnes didn’t offer any clarification as to why he so strongly dislikes Thy Art Is Murder, but The PRP speculates it’s because Six Feet Under already have a song called “Human Target,” which was released more than twenty years ago, on SFU’s debut album, Haunted.

I’d like to give Barnes more credit than to assume he’s mad over such an innocuous coincidence. I mean, was he also cranky about the comic book Human Target back in 1999? What about the television show based on that comic, which ran briefly in 2010? Surely, Chris Barnes doesn’t think he invented the phrase “human target,” does he? I mean, that would be bonkers!

Regardless, Thy Art Is Murder are in good company: Barnes’ other enemies include Cattle Decapitation, The Faceless, and reality. Point: Thy Art Is Murder.

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