Video: Here’s What Germans Actually Think of Rammstein


Metal Injection has alerted us to the existence of a new video put out by the YouTube Channel Easy German, in which regular, workaday Germans on the street are asked about their knowledge of Rammstein.

Somewhat surprisingly to us Americans — we assume all Germans are forced to memorize Rammstein’s entire discography in kindergarten — most of the folks interviewed only have a peripheral awareness of the band, or reference their glory days as having been decades in the past. Here’s the thing, though: would you expect a similar interview done on the streets of New York or Los Angeles about Metallica, Slayer or Megadeth to go any differently? I’d imagine the answers would be pretty similar, when we know for a fact all of those bands still enjoy immense popularity… just within the metal community, not the general populace. As such, I put forth the notion that Rammstein are still quite a big deal in Germany (and the rest of Europe) within the heavy music world, as a quick look at the massive arenas and stadiums they’re playing this summer will show you.

Anyhoo, the video is still quite entertaining. And the guy who says us Americans “just like this German thing and they think it’s kind of cool, and because it’s so foreign” is right on the money.

Rammstein’s new self-titled album comes out May 16; pre-order it here, and listen to the singles / watch the videos for “Deutschland” and “Radio.”

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