Zealot R.I.P. (Darkest Hour, Pig Destroyer) Debut First Single, “Magnetic Field of Dreams”


Last month, we told you  about Zealot R.I.P., the new self-proclaimed “death punk” band featuring Darkest Hour’s Mike Schleibaum and Pig Destroyer’s Blake Harrison. We are now pleased to announce that the group has given the world its first taste of music in the form of “Magnetic Field of Dreams.”

And as it turns out, “death punk” is a perfect description of the band’s music. Darkest Hour fans will certainly be able to hear  Schleibaum’s hand in this, but it’s also a lot looser and even more raw than the music for which that band is known. Harrison, meanwhile, gets to put his expert hype man skills front and center, to great effect. The last thing you can hear him yell before the song ends is “We’ll lose this war”… but jamming out to this song oughta make you feel like a winner.

Check out “Magnetic Field of Dreams” below, via Decibel. Zealot R.I.P.’s eponymous debut EP is out on May 20 via Three One G.

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