Exclusive Premiere: Flub, “Blossom” (Members of Rivers of Nihil, Alterbeast, ex-Vale of Pnath)


Exclusive Premiere: Flub, “Blossom” (Members of Rivers of Nihil, Alterbeast, ex-Vale of Pnath)

Flub’s debut album has been a long time in the making. Vocalist Michael Alvarez (Alterbeast), guitarist Eloy Montes (ex-Vale of Pnath) and drummer Jared Klein (Rivers of Nihil, Grindfeld) first started jamming in Sacramento, CA in 2013 and released an album together in 2015, adding bassist Matthew Mudd (ex-The User Lives) along the way. Since then, the band’s members got busy with their other projects, all of which have done tremendously well during that time. Four years later, Flub have finally come together again to put out their self-titled album, as definitive a musical statement at its eponymous title would suggest.

Flub’s prowess for technical death metal mastery and melodic superiority is on full display in “Blossom,” their latest single, premiering on MetalSucks today. The song’s accompanying video shows off the band’s sense of humor, too, with a throwback vibe that’s part ’90s mall DIY music video and part psychedelic fantasy. Take a look below as you get lost in Flub’s dazzling mix of technicality and accessibility.

Vocalist Michael Alvarez (ex-Alterbeast) explains:

“From times of hardship, the hardest thing one can do is flourish from the experience and progress themselves beyond those hard times. The song ‘Blossom’ touches based on the feeling of pushing far beyond and having vanquished many challenges but being stuck with the lingering feeling that it all still means nothing. To be trapped in an unhappy mindset when there’s not much of a reason to be. The song itself is based on certain feelings and emotions I’ve observed from myself as well as my bandmates over the last few years. I’ve seen all of us become successful in our own ventures and our personal lives all grow beyond our expectations. Regardless of our successful nature, none of us were able to accept our accomplishments and were still driven down into depression one after another, time after time again. Questioning ourselves how we live and why we do what we do. How we felt our self worth was never changed through the span of time. ‘Blossom’ is about confronting those feelings of darkness and trying to see that there is still a light present.”

Flub’s self-titled album comes out on June 7th through The Artisan Era; pre-order here.

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